Prem Trial Pack | Extra Small Teat *LIMITED STOCK*



Did your baby surprise you and arrive sooner than expected? Would you like a convenient pack of the Extra Small size teats that includes all 4 flow rate options?

We have a limited amount of this Prem Trial Pack designed to provide parents with all 4 teat options in one convenient pack. As your baby's feeding behaviour adjusts, in those early weeks/months, this pack will provide the opportunity to try other flow rates to find what suits them best.

This Extra Small teat size is comfortable in a tiny mouth and offers the universal benefits of the Sepal contours. This Pack includes all four flow rate options, Ultra Slow, Extra Slow, Slow & Medium along with our 150ml Bottle & Cap. 

Sepal Prem Trial Pack has everything you need to get started, with Home Care & Use Instructions, 150ml bottle, 4 teats & cap all included.

Developmental Stage

Premature babies to approximately 1 month of age.


Collar Section – Polypropylene

Teat – Thermoplastic Elastomer

Bottle & Cover - Polypropylene (clear)

Cap - Polypropylene (white)

Free From - BPA, Latex, Cyclic Siloxanes, Silicone, Nitrosamines and DEHP


Soft, flexible and anatomically correct teat shaped to contour to a baby’s mouth.

Latch – supports combination feeding of breast and bottle

Venting – when used in conjunction with sepal bottles the patented venting system ensure baby controls the feed rate which only flows whilst baby is sucking

Bottle - high quality moulding, easy to hold ergonomic shape.  Rigid design discourages excessive 'squeeze feeding' 

Volumetric markings - high accuracy to comply with European standards

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