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for your baby's comfort and contentment

Your baby is unique and special, so we offer you choices to satisfy their needs and preferences.

Presenting four sizes to adjust to your baby’s growth and five flow rates to meet their feeding requirements.

We want the world to still be beautiful when our children are grown

Sepal made a conscious choice to not use silicone so that our feeding products can be recycled.

Feel at ease with your choice.

You are accessing the product that was developed with and chosen by health professionals for reliable and predictable feeding outcomes

An Adaptable

Your baby is unique and special.

We offer you choices to satisfy their needs and preferences.

Four sizes to adjust to your baby’s growth plus five flow rates to meet their feeding needs.

A Greener

We all want the world to be beautiful when our children are grown.

Sepal made a conscious choice to not use silicone so that our feeding products can be recycled.

backed by

Feel at ease with your decision.  

You are choosing a product that was developed with and is chosen by health professionals for reliable and predictable feeding outcomes.

We are parents too

The mums & dads at Sepal have experienced challenges feeding their babies.  But we can now offer solutions to support your choice and the safety of your baby. 

Does your baby struggle with reflux? Were they born prematurely? Or, do you need options to allow you to return to work?  Whatever your unique needs, Sepal are here to offer you options.

Australia’s simple to use, effective solution

You can find us in NICU and hospital nurseries, allied health services and on kitchen benches across Australia.

Which teat option will satisfy your baby?

Simply answer two questions

1. How old is your baby?  This indicates the size teat you will need.  Size is indicated by the letter on the teat collar

2. What are your baby’s feeding preferences?  Choose the best flow rate to safely satisfy your baby.  Flow is indicated by the colour of the teat collar

Shipping Australia wide direct to consumers via Australia Post.

For commercial and NDIS enquiries please CONTACT US for further information.
“Sepal products made all the difference to enable me to continue to give my son the benefits of breastfeeding and breastmilk, especially during this crazy COVID pandemic. Without your product I would have had to give up breastfeeding entirely or I might have had to quit my job.”
“My little girl finished her first full bottle on it! Huge milestone for a premmie with absolutely no de SATs or heart rate issues.”
“These bottles have changed my life. I had so much trouble with my bubs feeding as she would choke easily. I tried so many bottles when I came past this one whilst my bubs was in hospital with gastro. They are amazing! I’ll be recommending them to everyone.”
“I was hoping to breastfeed my twin girls but unfortunately they haven’t gotten the hang of it. I was recommended to try Sepal and my girls ONLY like these bottles and teats. Couldn’t recommend Sepal enough!! Thankyou”
— Kimberley
“I’m so glad Sepal has been a part of our boys’ journey since their very first days in hospital, and we will certainly continue to use your amazing products (and recommend them to family and friends) in part due to the wonderful customer service we have always experienced.”
"When we started using this teat we had tried other brands but they were too fast but this was the perfect flow for our little miss. We were breastfeeding at the time as well and never once had nipple confusion even from 2 weeks old having a bottle here and there. Can't recommend enough."
— Shayna
"Our son has just turned 5 and was born 8 weeks prem... we used your teats as a trial in the special care nursery and they were the best in getting him to feed.. we were lucky they were available to purchase just as we came home & he used them the whole way through while being bottle fed. Such a great product, especially for early arrivals."
— Michelle
"Amazing product! Your teats and bottles are the best, I've used them since day one."
— Karen
"I returned to work when my daughter was 4 months old. One month before going back I started to wean her from breast to bottle. She refused to play along. So after 2 weeks of trying several other bottle brands and various teats, I was recommended Sepal bottles by a maternal health nurse. I have not looked back. If anyone is looking into bottles to use for their baby or having difficulty with their baby taking the bottle, I recommend Sepal every time!"
— Stacey
"We have used the Sepal nipples for our little boy who came four weeks early. Other nipples would flow too fast for him and cause him to choke or spill milk out the sides of his mouth but the Sepal teats had the best flow (we used extra slow) and made feeding more efficient and effective. Highly Recommend!"
— Adriana
"My 3 month old boy was born premature and feeding has been a difficult process as he was born with a slight droop to his right lip and was also diagnosed with oral aversion. I am grateful the NICU speech therapist recommended the new Sepal ultra slow white teat. He overcame his oral aversion using this teat and is able to latch on and create a solid suction. I don't know what we would have done without this product. Thank you so much! I would recommend this product to anyone bottle feeding their bubs."
— Tracey
"Just bought our replacement teats and a size up for a month or two! Only bottle my little dude will take."
— Hayley
"At 3.5 months of age I had to switch to baby formula. We purchased 10 types of bottles and he had issues with all of them. We were at our wits end when a friend told us about Sepal bottles. I went out and purchased a medium Sepal bottle and my baby loved it! The shape of the teat is perfect and my baby loves the texture of it. The bottles have a simple design that is so clean and also easy for bub to hold. Thanks so much Sepal!"
— Nicole
"We had so much trouble feeding our twin girls after they were discharged from a 3 month stay in NICU. After 1 of the girls was re-admitted due to exhaustion, we finally saw a speech pathologist at the hospital and she suggested trying Sepal teats. The girls went from spending 40 minutes attempting to finish a bottle (which they were rarely able to do!) to finishing a bottle in 10 minutes - even the special care nursery was amazed! The relief!! Sepal teats were quite literally a life changer (well, 2 lives!) for us. We continue to use this brand 4 months later. And I honestly believe if we left the hospital with these from the beginning, it would have reduced a lot of stress! Thanks Sepal!"
— Mel
"After a traumatic birth I was unable to breastfeed. These bottles have been a miracle. After trying every bottle on the market my son was finally able to latch on and feed comfortably."
— Rebecca
"Thank you so much for your quick response. Shows not only how amazing your product is but how exceptional your customer service is! Thank you again and I will be writing your company reviews everywhere I can."
— Neesa
"Fantastic Product! From an exclusive breastfed baby, we introduced a bottle at 7 weeks old and she took to it with no issues. Company is great to deal with and very helpful with any queries. Highly recommend."
— Daniel
" Best bottles at the best hospital ever!"
— Laura
"My little boy was topped with formula in the hospital and when offered the Sepal bottle he took straight to it. Today I managed to get my hands on some more Sepal bottles and they have made the process so much easier. Just need to order some more teats. Excellent product! Can't recommend highly enough."
— Caitie
"I just want to say thank you guys for an amazing product. My daughter had issues feeding from day one and it took a lot for her to breastfeed and take a bottle. Sepal bottles are used at our local hospital and since she took to them well they have been with us our entire journey, with me recommending them to many friends. I love the guides on your website regarding which product to use including the suggestions about what may help tandem feed. My daughter is 24 wks now and is both breastfed and takes a daily bottle successfully when I know how difficult it can be for babies to do both well. So thanks heaps for helping us along with our journey!"
— Elizabeth
"I used these bottles while in hospital. I had trouble feeding my baby due to reflux, gulping milk, spillages from the sides of the mouth due to bottle teats being too big. I finally found Sepal online as I couldn't remember the brand, my gosh life has changed, seal around the mouth is perfect, not as fussy after feeds and drinks all of the bottle."
— Rikki
"These teats are amazing! My son was diagnosed with dysphagia and silent aspiration so our wonderful speech pathologist recommended us to use the specialised Sepal teats for thickened feeds and it has been the best decision. He no longer chokes feeding and doesn't fear the bottle anymore so is happy and gaining weight. Thank you Sepal!!!"
— Lisa
"My 3 month old will only take a Sepal bottle or the breast."
— Erin
"I have been very happy with the Sepal bottles, which we were recommended by my lactation consultant. Immediately noticed an improvement with my son's feeding. Thanks."
— Lisa
"Thank you so much, these bottles have been amazing for us, have been using since our bub was born prem and aged 8 months now and a good solid weight... she refuses any other bottles. Also thank you for the speedy shipping!"
— Elizabeth
"I first used Sepal bottles and teats when my son was admitted to the RCH and now I won't use anything else! We had lots of difficulties with other teats, this one has been a lifesaver. I highly recommend this product!"
— Emma
"When my son was 7 days old he lost 14% of his birth weight resulting in him being admitted to the special care unit for 24hrs. We had been offering top ups of ebm but he refused. At Casey Hospital they used the Sepal bottles and when the nurse offered him his first bottle of ebm he took the whole bottle with no issues. Since then we have been using Sepal bottles every night to top him up. We love the Sepal bottles and swear by them. He is now a happy, healthy growing little boy."
"Great bottles and teats. We have used them since being discharged from Monash and have used them ever since."
— Toni
" I love these bottles! My son has a tongue tie and Sepal are the only bottles he will drink out of and we have tried many other brands. Highly recommend."
— Zoe
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I used Sepal bottles in hospital, and they were single use only. Can I re-use them at home?

Sepal bottles and teats can be safely cleaned, sterilised and re-used at home. Please refer to our Home Care & Use Instructions.

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I’m a health professional and I want to purchase Sepal products to trial with infants in my care. What are my options?

Sepal offer a range of product volumes to suit different situations. Contact our team for assistance with samples, education and trials.

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