Expressed Breast Milk Store & Feed Starter Pack | Extra Small Teat | Extra Slow Flow



Did your baby surprise you and arrive sooner than expected?

We understand that premature babies need additional support and consideration as they develop their feeding skills. This Extra Small teat size is comfortable in a tiny mouth and offers the universal benefits of the Sepal contours. The Extra Slow Flow rate ensures that the liquid volumes will be small enough for your little one to manage.

Sepal Store & Feed Packs are the ideal way to get started when expressing, with Home Care & Use Instructions, 2x 150ml bottles, 4x 50ml vials, 2x Extra-Small/Extra-Slow teats, 6x bottle caps and teat cover all included.

Developmental Stage

Premature babies to approximately 1 month of age who have normal swallowing ability


Collar Section – Polypropylene

Teat – Thermoplastic Elastomer

Bottle & Cover - Polypropylene (clear)

Cap - Polypropylene (white)

Free From - BPA, Latex, Cyclic Siloxanes, Silicone, Nitrosamines and DEHP


Soft, flexible and anatomically correct teat shaped to contour to a baby’s mouth.

Latch – supports combination feeding of breast and bottle

Venting – when used in conjunction with sepal bottles the patented venting system ensure baby controls the feed rate which only flows whilst baby is sucking

Bottle - high quality moulding, easy to hold ergonomic shape.  Rigid design discourages excessive 'squeeze feeding' 

Volumetric markings - high accuracy to comply with European standards

Customer Reviews

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Ramses Grace
It is a great value but not promoted enough by Mercy hospital

It is a great value but not promoted enough by Mercy hospital, we do sell it and promote it in Grace Pharmacy

Good for Storage

For the price, these are a fantastic buy. The bottles are compact enough to not take up much space and the bottle teats are good quality and easy to clean.
My only quirk is that the storage lids do not seal with the bottle completely. It is a minor problem, you might lose a couple of drops here and there.

Thanks so much for your review James. As per our correspondence with you, we really appreciate your feedback to ensure we maintain our high quality standards. We hope you continue to enjoy using our products!