Our Range.

Are you finding your parenting role challenging?
Is your baby uncomfortable or unsatisfied with their feeds?
Does this make them unsettled and impact on their sleep, further impacting on their feeding?
All of this adds to parental stress.
Let us help.

Stop making compromises when it comes to feeding your baby. 

You deserve to have options so you can adapt and flexibly respond to your baby’s changing needs. 

Sepal offer an unmatched choice of 12 teat variations across our range of 4 teat sizes and 5 flow rates, so you can choose the best combination for your baby. 

A deep latch like breastfeeding.

Babies need good attachment to feed effectively so Sepal teats are designed to follow the natural shape of your baby’s mouth. The teat contours in the same way that the soft tissue of a breast conforms when breastfeeding.

When reviewing scans of baby's mouths it was clear that the 'standard teat' shape could be enhanced to better support babies to attach more easily.

The ‘Sepal’ difference:


The tip of the teat is correctly placed close to the junction of the hard and soft palate.


The lower profile is shaped to allow the tongue to rest on the inner lower lip, allowing the lips to form what is sometimes referred to as the ‘Special-K’ mouth.


The waist is oval in shape to allow the tongue to sit flatter and seal against the cheeks, providing stability.


The upper profile follows the ‘alveolar ridge’ and the hard palate.

"I absolutely love how easy you have made your products to be. Ordering is easy and you ship orders so quickly. You have taken the stress out of one thing for us and for that I am incredibly grateful.
Being a new mum is tough with so much information out there. More businesses need to take a leaf out of your book."
"I am very glad I can buy these bottles again as they are the only ones my premmie twins will take (and have been since day 1).

Breastfeeding both babies together isn't possible so I am so happy to know they will take the Sepal bottle happily (many other are thick rubbery and too large and do not represent a nipple). An Australian business supporting Australian families" 🙂
"Excellent business to deal with. Great product, great pricing and excellent customer service. Would highly recommend."
— Chris
"Amazing! My little man was in special care and they used these teats and bottles, sent us home with some in case of needing top ups and he still takes to them each time we do a top up."
— Amy

Growing with your baby

Babies grow significantly in the first twelve months.  Our teats grow too, ensuring your baby continues to benefit from the Sepal teat contours. 

As your baby graduates through feeding milestones, you can transition them through our teat sizes.

Movement of air matters.

Assist your baby to develop a natural feeding action, a comfortable cycle of sucking, swallowing and breathing (SSB).

Our venting system adapts and responds to your baby’s hunger and only allows milk to flow when your baby sucks.

Don’t forget the bottle…

The comfortable ergonomic bottle was designed to align the teat with the volume increments, guiding you to correctly position the teat in your baby’s mouth.

To safeguard the effective functioning of the venting system, use Sepal bottles which are manufactured to our high quality standards, ensuring a strong seal between the teat and bottle.

Enjoy a product that is simple to assemble, use and clean