3 Pack Teats | Small Teat | Extra Slow Flow



Welcome to your newborn! Are they finding liquid a little hard to manage?

We understand that it takes some time for your baby to adjust to the outside world and to learn how to feed.  It can help to slow the flow, giving your little one time to manage their swallowing and digestion comfortably.  A slower flow rate can reduce those uncomfortable gassy feelings after a big feed and lesson the likelihood of your baby bringing up milk after a feed. This Small Teat size is comfortable in a newborn’s mouth and offers the universal benefits of the Sepal contours. The Extra Slow Flow rate allows your little one more time to adjust to feeding.

The Small Teat Extra Slow Flow is also a great option if you are combination feeding as using a slower flow rate for bottle feeding may support the integrity of your breast-feeding relationship.

Developmental Stage

Full-term babies to 5 months of age who are experiencing difficulty with safe oral feeding

OR babies who are being combination fed.


Collar Section – Polypropylene

Teat – Thermoplastic Elastomer

Free From - BPA, Latex, Cyclic Siloxanes, Silicone, Nitrosamines and DEHP


Soft, Flexible and anatomically correct teat shaped to contour to a baby’s mouth.

Latch – supports combination feeding of breast and bottle

Venting – when used in conjunction with sepal bottles the patented venting system ensure baby controls the feed rate which only flows whilst baby is sucking

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jerry W
Great to have these extra slow tests !

Sepal’s extra slow teats help with breastfeeding ! Commercial teats are usually too fast. These extra slow flow teats have similar flow to my current breastmilk flow which is perfect. I can introduce faster flow ones when my baby grows and sucks with more power. The matched flows also reduce breast refusal after feeding the baby with bottles. Thanks to Sepal. These are great products that are designed to meet mum and baby’s needs at different stage. Lucky we got to know Sepal products !!

Sotiria Konsoulas

Item received with speedy service, thank you so much, greatly appreciated.

Danielle Barnes
Amazing teats

These teats were the favourite to get my directly breastfed baby to take a bottle. The extra slow flow calmed my paranoia about leading to bottle preference. As my first baby had breast refusal, these teats really calmed my concerns and made me feel so relieved. Such amazing products and customer service. Can’t recommend enough.