3 Pack Teats | Medium Teat | Slow Flow



Is your baby still finding liquid a little hard to manage?

It is amazing how quickly babies grow and change. To ensure your baby is still enjoying the comfort and benefits of the Sepal contours it is important to transition them through the range. Have you been using the Small Teat Extra Slow Flow and seen the benefits of slowing the flow, giving your little one time to manage their swallowing and digestion comfortably? A slower flow rate can reduce those uncomfortable gassy feelings after a big feed and lesson the likelihood of your baby bringing up milk after a feed. This Medium Teat size accommodates for the growth and changes in your baby’s mouth since that newborn stage. Whilst the Slow Flow rate offers your growing baby more time to adjust to feeding.

Medium Teat Slow Flow is also a great option if you are combination feeding as using a slower flow rate for bottle feeding may continue to support the integrity of your breast-feeding relationship.

Developmental Stage

Babies between 4 to 9 months of age who are experiencing difficulty with safe oral feeding

OR babies who are being combination fed (breast & bottle).


Collar Section – Polypropylene

Teat – Thermoplastic Elastomer

Free From - BPA, Latex, Cyclic Siloxanes, Silicone, Nitrosamines and DEHP


Soft, flexible and anatomically correct teat shaped to contour to a baby’s mouth.

Latch – supports combination feeding of breast and bottle

Venting – when used in conjunction with sepal bottles the patented venting system ensure baby controls the feed rate which only flows whilst baby is sucking

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Excellent product!

We have been so happy with these teats. We started using them in the hospital and were very pleased with them. Using these teats we were able to breastfeed after only bring tube and bottle fed for the first month.


Only issue is we use thickener so when the teats are new they can be a bit stiff qnd hard for the thickener to go through, but once they've been used a few times they soften and are fine. Teats are great, just thickened fluids are a pain!

Hi T,
Thank you for taking the time to provide us with a review. Glad you're enjoying using the teats! I would perhaps suggest that you try the medium teat fast flow as this one is designed for thickened feeds whereas the slow flow you are currently using is for reduced feeds. It might make that initial feed easier!
Sepal team x

Neha Sharma

3 Pack Teats | Medium Teat | Slow Flow