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Welcome to your newborn! Are they having trouble safely swallowing?

We understand that it takes some time for your baby to adjust to the outside world and to learn how to feed. For some newborns it helps to add thickener to breast milk or formula to make it easier for your baby to manage their swallowing and digestion safely. This Small Teat size is comfortable in a newborn’s mouth and offers the universal benefits of the Sepal contours. The Medium Flow rate allows your little one to comfortably suck the thicker liquid.

Small Teat Medium Flow might also suit your baby if they are showing frustration with the Slow Flow option.  Moving up to the Medium Flow rate (if they have no swallowing difficulties) may better satisfy their hunger demands.

Developmental Stage

Full-term babies to 5 months of age who require thickened fluids

OR babies who have a strong safe swallow and want a faster flow rate to meet hunger demands.


Collar Section – Polypropylene

Teat – Thermoplastic Elastomer

Free From - BPA, Latex, Cyclic Siloxanes, Silicone, Nitrosamines and DEHP


Soft, flexible and anatomically correct teat shaped to contour to a baby’s mouth.

Latch – supports combination feeding of breast and bottle

Venting – when used in conjunction with Sepal bottles the patented venting system ensure your baby controls the feed rate which only flows whilst your baby is sucking

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Sultan Hekmat
My baby love customised teat

My baby loves it.
I recommend as you can choose the size and flow based on your baby’s needs.

Rocco Hu
The most detailed sizes and flow you can find

Being using these ones since birth in private hospital and they are working great

Genevieve Stannard

Good product just too expensive

Ashleigh Griffin

Ordering was easy. Delivery was in 2 days.
He has definitely enjoyed going from the slow flow to the medium flow.
Will definitely be ordering the medium test/medium flow soon.

Jess Smith
I’m sure they’re great but too quick for my guy

I’m sure (in time) they’ll be just as good as the blue and green ones but they’re super quick and my little one couldn’t keep up

Hi Jess,
Thanks for your feedback. The medium flow is designed for babies at least 4 months old unless they are having their feed modified. Our Blue Extra Slow Flow teats are designed for pre term babies and our Green Slow Flow teats are designed for babies up to 4-5 months of age. We always advise parents to closely monitor their baby's feeding behaviours to ensure selection of the ideal flow rate for their baby's needs. It sounds like you have picked up on your baby's cues which indicated they are not yet able to manage medium flow.
Thanks Sepal