150ml Bottle & Cap Bundle | 6 Pack

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Save 10% off when buying 6 x 150ml bottles as a bundle! 

Sepal 150ml bottles will safely store and transport feeds and are perfect for expressing breast milk.  The standard narrow neck thread is compatible with many breast pumps or can be used with an adaptor for those with a wide neck thread.

Developmental Stage

0 - 12 months of age, catering for a medium feed size


Bottle  - Polypropylene (clear)

Cap - Polypropylene (white)

Free From - BPA, Latex, Cyclic Siloxanes, Silicone, Nitrosamines and DEHP


Bottle - high quality moulding, easy to hold ergonomic shape.  Rigid design discourages excessive 'squeeze feeding' 

Volumetric markings - high accuracy to comply with European standards

Compatible with all Sepal teats to activate patented venting system, ensuring baby controls the feed rate which only flows whilst baby is sucking

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Linh Huynh

Measurement line is hard to see

Mim Wilson

My baby is formula fed and when I shake she formula around the bottle leaks. I don’t shake hard!

Hi Mim,
Thank you for taking the time to provide us with a review. As per our email correspondence, the Teat Covers are a universal size to fit all sizes of teats and are not leakproof. When mixing formula, use the white bottle cap and this will ensure no leakage!
Sepal team x

Maggie Ryan
Perfect for newborns!

I had already purchased 3 other brands who all said to be slow feeding for newborns but all seemed to drown my poor baby in milk. I was recommended sepal from my cousin and they are perfect for my baby. I can now both breastfeed and bottle feed without any confusion or difficulty for my baby. Highly recommend!