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Launched in 2014, Sepal is a privately owned Australian business, manufacturing a range of ready-to-use, 100% recyclable, specialised infant feeding teats and related products.  Developed specifically for use by Australian children's hospitals, the full product range is also available to purchase for home use.

Better by design

Developed in close collaboration with specialty staff at Australian children's hospitals over a 4 year period, the design holds provisional patents for both the anatomical shape and venting system.  The design solves traditional issues with flow consistency, leaking collars and anatomical shape while offering an unprecedented range of sizes and flow rates.

Natural Shape

Babies must have a good attachment or seal on a teat to generate the vacuum they need to draw milk.  Taking this into consideration, Sepal teats have been designed to follow the natural shape of your baby's mouth.
Development was carried out in close collaboration with specialty staff at Australian children's hospitals over a four year period, utilising anatomical scan data not previously available to designers.
Sepal teats feature unique, asymmetric teat contours;
tip of the teat is correctly placed close to the junction of the hard and soft palate
lower profile is shaped to allow the tongue to rest on the inner lower lip, allowing the lips to form what is sometimes referred to as the ‘Special-K’ mouth
waist is oval in shape to allow the tongue to sit flatter and seal against cheeks, providing stability
upper profile follows the ‘alveolar ridge’ and the hard palate


Natural Rhythm

As your baby grows, they will develop a natural feeding action to coordinate sucking, swallowing and breathing (SSB) which ensures feeding is safe and responsive to the baby’s hunger, respiration and capacity to swallow milk.

The Sepal system adapts to generate an appropriate level of venting, so that milk only flows when your baby sucks – it is not affected by how hard or loose the collar is tightened – ensuring that milk will not enter your baby’s mouth accidently.

This controlled venting system means vacuum cannot build up in the bottle, allowing a continuous feeding cycle with no need for your baby to detach and interrupt their feed.

Babies come in all sizes, so should teats

Sepal offer an unprecedented choice of 12 variations of 4 teat sizes and 5 flow rates, so you can choose the best combination for your baby.


High precision manufacturing techniques are employed ensure the carefully selected flow rates remain both accurate and consistent.


Integrally moulded colour coded teat collars identify the flow rate quickly – size and flow rate are selected independent of each other so they can be matched to your baby’s individual needs and capacity to feed.


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Ready to use

Ready to use

Supplied ready-to-use, each Sepal teat comes in its own individual, easy-tear package


Quality Controlled

Sepal products are manufactured
under strict HACCP/ISO9001

Australian made and owned

Australian Made

Sepal are proudly Australian Made and Australian Owned


100% Recyclable

All Sepal products are made using materials which are 100% fully recyclable

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